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My Opinon on Police Brutality

The article basically brings up the issue recently dealt with in the Bronx. Recently a citizen named Aroon Brown, 24, was arrested last year for trespassing at the Clinton houses in Harlem. Mr Brown, the victim claimed to be coming to visit his mom, after ten years, at her apartment when two polices officers questioned his being in the apartment waiting area. Apparently I am waiting for my mom to come back from the groceries; He told the officers after being asked about his presence in the apartment building. A couple of minutes later the man was arrested and put to jail where he waited for hours to come out of.


What Happened to the Fourth amendment, the right to feel secure in our own person, or own house? 

Link of News Article
Question & Answer

Should it be legal for the police to torture innocent people, if that is truly the only way to discover the location of a bomb?


I believe that it should not be legal. The police should have no right to invade someones privacy, it goes against the fourth amendement. People have the right to feel secure. The polices job is to protect and secure, not invade and torture to protect.

Video on Justice
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